5 Free Apps to Keep You Out of Jail While Traveling

Here’s a link to five tips from Airfarewatchdog.com to help you stay out of jail while traveling.



Maui’s Ocean Vodka

On our way to #SurfingGoatDairy and Ulupalakua Winery, we stumbled (no pun intended) upon Maui’s Ocean Vodka and stopped for the tour which we thoroughly enjoyed! I love the story of how this family-owned and operated business got started. Its success is guaranteed from the top-quality product they produce to the personable staff who exude their loyalty and sentiments to the owners.



Honu – #Maui’s green sea turtle

Maui green sea turtleTurtles are everywhere in Hawaii – depicted in tattoos, made into jewelry, on greeting cards, formed into chocolate and of course, in the ocean. And there is no shortage of meanings attached to them, from humble heart to the navigator – always able to find its way home.



Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls

If your white-knuckle ride along the Road to Hana has left any feeling in your hands, and you’re up for another couple hours of scenic delights, grab a walking stick and head out in search of Waimoku Falls on the Pipiwai Trail.

A Maui Adventure the Kids Will Love!

At the edge of the Pacific Ocean with a picturesque backdrop of the West Maui Mountains, a colorful battlefield under camo-netting awaits! Okay, this is probably not the image that comes to mind when you’re dreaming of a Maui vacation, but if you plan on bringing the kids, take note! This may be just the thing your family needs after days and days of leisurely lolling on pristine beaches!

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Take A Botanical Tour of Maui

Although the average yearly rainfall is only 18 inches, South Maui is alive with colorful blooms all year. Accented by the delicate scent of flowers wafting on gentle island breezes, a tour of Maui’s botanical gardens and lush landscapes is enchanting and educational.

Hawaiian Red GingerMasterpieces created by nature’s subtle, steady hand blanket the area: palm trees generously share their trunks with tropical orchids, towering Bougainvillea boldly color the landscape, purple lilies float in the mirror-like waterways that grace the resorts and giant red, orange, pink and yellow hibiscus bow to guests strolling along pathways.


“Happy is he who is free from sickness and rich who has no debt”

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