Heading off on vacation?

It’s worth checking out this short list of things you should pack but probably won’t:  




5 Free Apps to Keep You Out of Jail While Traveling

Here’s a link to five tips from Airfarewatchdog.com to help you stay out of jail while traveling.


In Case of Impending Travel: Click Link

Better safe than sorry, right? My kids claim I can track them better than a GPS, and that’s true. I can also predict which one is going to call me as I reach for the yet un-rung phone. But even if you’re one of my kids who have been trained since birth on how to handle ever situation from nuclear disaster to paper cuts, a quick refresher on how not to get mugged while traveling won’t hurt you. So just read it and make your mama happy!

“How Much is a Gallon of Milk in Hawaii?”

How much is a gallon of milk in Hawaii?  It isn’t cheap, that’s for sure!  But if you stay in a vacation condo as opposed to a hotel room, the added option of eating in can save you a bundle! The fully functional kitchen, many full size stove/oven, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, coffeemaker, toaster and a dishwasher make eating in as easy as hula pie! More

Should you drive or fly?

Check out this handy little tool to calculate the cost differential between driving or flying to your next destination!

Fly or Drive Calculator