Maui’s Ocean Vodka

On our way to #SurfingGoatDairy and Ulupalakua Winery, we stumbled (no pun intended) upon Maui’s Ocean Vodka and stopped for the tour which we thoroughly enjoyed! I love the story of how this family-owned and operated business got started. Its success is guaranteed from the top-quality product they produce to the personable staff who exude their loyalty and sentiments to the owners.




A Maui Adventure the Kids Will Love!

At the edge of the Pacific Ocean with a picturesque backdrop of the West Maui Mountains, a colorful battlefield under camo-netting awaits! Okay, this is probably not the image that comes to mind when you’re dreaming of a Maui vacation, but if you plan on bringing the kids, take note! This may be just the thing your family needs after days and days of leisurely lolling on pristine beaches!

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Clear Bottom Kayaks Give New Meaning to “Ocean View”

Growing up in the 70’s, when my formidable years were at their peak, Peter Benchley’s Jaws cursed my psyche with a lifelong phobia of sharks. For me, and others like me who, for one reason or another, don’t snorkel, there’s an exciting alternative that just hit the shores of Maui! has introduced a fleet of two-seater kayaks with wide, clear bottoms which combines the fun of kayaking with the thrill of snorkeling, making one of the most popular water sports a thousand times better!

Clear Kayaks Maui

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Upcountry Maui – An Eclectic Assortment of Funky Shops, Ono Restaurants and an Exhilarating Thrill Ride

I’ve said it before, there’s more to Maui than beautiful beaches. I get it. You’ve dreamed about swaying palm trees bowing to the azure sea and the spectacular colors as the sun dips into the Pacific and transforms the sky into psychedelic hues – and you won’t be disappointed! After all that is the quintessential Maui and the main reason millions of people vacation on Maui year after year. But after a few days on the beach, do yourself a favor and take a drive Upcountry!

In general, the laid back “island time” mindset is evident throughout the islands but Upcountry Maui, in particular, has remained delightfully un-affected by the pace of modern America. The mountain air is refreshing, and surprisingly cool even in summer, (so take along a light jacket). And despite its laid-back vibe, has all the ingredients to send your senses, and yourself, on a thrill ride!