They call mRosee The Breeze.  Actually they don’t, but I’d be okay with that if they did because I’m ready to go wherever the wind takes me (except Disney World).

Incredible hikes, back roads, ghost towns, pristine beaches, historical sites, national parks, and anyplace ancient or nostalgic are my main interests – preferably at a good price.  I prefer to get around by bike, kayak, or on foot and deluxe camping sounds like heaven to me.

I’ve lived in tourist destinations up and down the east coast from Cape Cod to Key West, did a little time in the mid-west (that’s what it felt like anyway) and now live on Maui where I have dug my feet into the sand – and called home for the past 8 years.   My kids have grown and one by one are leaving this paradise for mainland adventures and settling in all corners of the continent which means I spend my time Googling the unique, the strange and the beautiful all across the country to plan amazing vacations that combine “off the beaten path” sights with a sweet little homecoming. Unfortunately, I don’t get paid to write these blogs but I have become an expert at planning amazing vacations – for myself and my family – and these experiences will have to be payment enough until someone decides to throw in a little cash 🙂

Travelers don’t know where they’re going.  Tourists don’t know where they’ve been.

Having lived in many vacation destinations, I’ve learned that many people visit these places but don’t really soak up the best juices.  Hopefully this will be the blog people drag their bread through before they head out!

Growing up, there were two things that interested me – travel and photography.  Straight out of high school I enrolled in a Travel Agent training program and soon afterward landed a job as a travel agent 1500 miles away.  Years later I enrolled in and graduated from the New York Institute of Photography and this blog is where those two paths meet.

For many years, my husband and I owned and managed small businesses (a couple of restaurants, a book store, a retail shop and a photography business) so I have an affinity for the local  Mom and Pop’s.  In my travels, I search these out and introduce you to the ones that strike a chord.  My experience from the few articles that were written about my businesses has proven to me that you really can’t believe everything you read.  Although I was very grateful for the exposure they gave me, I was also astonished at the inaccuracies that made it into print.  Having been on the other side of the interview, I’ll take extra measures to make sure that I don’t make those same mistakes.

My photography has appeared in Shutterbug Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Home and Abroad, TravelAge West, Sunset Magazine, Maui Visitor Guide, Hawaii Visitor Guide, Portland Monthly, Seattle Met, San Diego Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Marin Magazine, Orange Coast Magazine and more.


Two-time international photography award winner

Graduate of the New York Institute of Photography


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  1. reasktaker
    Apr 10, 2014 @ 01:44:37

    You’re living my dream life! I aspire to have a life like you someday. I visited Maui last year and now I’m on the path to arranging my life so that I can end up back there, for a longer period of time, soon:).


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